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Caterpillar Posts A Loss And Cuts Profit Forecast

I won’t posit that as “so goes Caterpillar, so goes the wold’s economy” but it’s outlook for the rest of the year probably functions as a pretty good if unconventional indicator. In that case, things don’t look too rosie. From the WSJ, here’s what the company had to say this morning about first quarter results […]

Will Countries Be Able To Dig Themselves Out Of Their Debt Hole?

Kenneth Rogoff looks beyond the current crisis and asks how are countries going to cope with the massive debts they’re running up. In his opinion, they won’t do well. Mr. Rogoff’s thesis is that the growth prospects for many of the countries that are rapidly running up debt as they pursue fiscal stimulus programs are […]

A Couple Smart Guys Say We’re FUBAR

I was ready to give up and get some sleep when I ran across this one. It’s from Reuters and I’ll just paste it in here so you have something to think about as you go to sleep. NEW YORK (Reuters) – Renowned investor George Soros said on Friday the world financial system has effectively […]