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Economy 2011: The Half Empty Case

Like most of you I think that we are in the midst of a recovery though it is tepid at best and fraught with peril from any number of different quarters. The market action today certainly kicked the New Year off in a positive direction. So with that qualification let me direct you to two […]

A Little Perspective On Unemployment Reports

If you’re still a bit down about last weeks employment report, here are a couple of items that put a little bit different spin on things. First, I came across this in the WSJ. It makes a good argument for taking the monthly reports with a grain of salt. Judging from the closely watched payroll […]

Economic Recovery Looking A Bit More Solid

I’ve had a brush with a touch of pneumonia, hence blogging has taken a back seat to healing. Good drugs have helped turn the corner so I’ll try and get back to some semblance of regular posting. Anyway, there were a couple of fairly positive economic reports over the past few days that would seem […]

A Look Behind Some Of The Unemployment Numbers

By now you all know the employment numbers for September were disappointing to say the least. Unemployment stuck at 9.6% and private sector job growth of 64,000 — not enough to even keep up with population growth. Here’s a link to the WSJ’s roundup of economists’ reactions. But there were a couple of bits of […]

Bringing Down The Unemployment Rate – How Hard Will It Be?

Here’s a really good, short paper from the San Francisco Fed about labor force participation rates. I know that probably is inducing glaze in your eyes, but stay with me. It helps put in perspective all of the conflicting claims that you hear about how many jobs we need to create to get to a given […]

Unemployment: Not A Pretty Picture For Those Who Found Jobs

Here’s some sobering analysis from the WSJ regarding unemployment: Of the 6.9 million workers who lost jobs during the recession that they’d held for at least three years, only about half were reemployed by January 2010. And 55% of those who did find work were earning less than before. Workers between ages 20 and 54 […]

The Light And Dark Sides Of The Employment Report

Feeling a little down about the recovery after that employment report this morning? I can’t blame  you, but maybe it’s not quite as bad as you think. At least the opinions of a group of economists surveyed by the WSJ indicate that we shouldn’t overreact. –The May employment report underscores the fragility of the economic […]