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GM And UAW Sparring Over Foreign Production Continues

The battle between GM and the UAW over where the company’s cars are going to be built drags on. In a previous post I noted that GM was considering importing a number of cars it manufactures in China which was royally ticking off the union. Things still appear to be rocky. The NYT reports that […]

Chinese Conundrums

Industrial production in China wasn’t up to snuff in April but GM has some plans to help boost the numbers. The government released statistics today (treat all government statistics from China with some skepticism) that showed factory output rising 7.3% from last April but that was less than the 8.3% growth recorded in March. Combined […]

UAW President Says Things Won’t Change With Chrysler Ownership

Second marriages are often described as the triumph of hope over experience. It’s already beginning to look as if the pundits optimism regarding the UAW’s majority ownership is likewise mostly hope. Here from Clusterstock is Joe Weisenthall’s take: “But a car company with significant UAW ownership is bound to be run much better than car […]

Chrysler Says It Can Make It Even In A Rough Market

A brief article on Reuters this afternoon has Chrysler saying that it can be viable at a depressed level of U.S. vehicle sales. Apparently Chrysler believes that with even as few as 10 million vehicles sold per year it can be profitable. There isn’t any detail to speak of in the article. They do reference […]

Nobody Told The UAW They Couldn’t Strike

A couple of days ago an article popped up in the Wall Street Journal which I’ve been meaning to highlight but got squeezed for time. I didn’t see it get much play elsewhere, so maybe others didn’t find it as interesting as I. The article noted that as part of their agreement with the government, GM […]