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Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement – Freer Trade Or Stalking-Horse

I haven’t paid much attention to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, the mega-trade deal currently being negotiated among the US and a number of Asia Pacific countries. I’m generally a free trade advocate so I assumed that this amounted to a liberalization of trade terms among the group. Perhaps I was naive. This article from […]

G8 Calls For Quick Action To Lower Trade Barriers

I always hesitate to proclaim any pronouncement from gatherings such as the G8 as being promising or of interest or a positive step forward. Most of the time political reality pretty quickly neuters any good intentions they may have held. So I’ll go against my instincts and say that the communique on restarting the Doha […]

World Trade: Will It Bounce Back Quickly?

Here’s a good article from the Economist. It discusses the fall in world trade and touches on a issue for which I’ve come up with no firm conclusion. The author notes the rapid fall in world trade as well as the fact that the decline has affected so many countries. Sort of an equal opportunity downturn. […]

Stepping Back From A Trade War

Bowing to world pressure and hopefully common sense, the Obama administration is apparently backing away from the “Buy American” provision of the economic stimulus bill. This from the The US Senate has watered down the wording – a version of which was previously approved by the lower chamber, the House of Representatives – after […]

Buy American: The Ghost Haunting Davos

A couple of days ago I posted my thoughts on the “Buy American” provisions of the fiscal stimulus bill. A fair amount has been written since but none better than Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s dispatch today from Davos. If you have any interest at all in this subject then it’s a must read. There are two central […]

Buy American Provision Irks Our Trading Partners

A week and a half in power and the Obama administration has managed to alienate a goodly portion of our trading partners. When the Telegraph headline reads “U.S.-EU Trade War Looms…”, you know that you have seriously stepped on some toes. The genesis of all of this is the “buy American” provision in the fiscal stimulus […]

Fiscal Stimulus-Does The Ghost Of Smoot-Hawley Linger?

Despite my praise for President-elect Obabm in the post below, the statements from an Obama spokesman that fiscal stimulus language may include a “buy American” provision are deeply troubling. One element of the plan could be “buy American” language benefiting U.S. industry. “We are reviewing the buy American proposal and we are committed to a […]