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DeLong Explains The Geithner Plan

You might find this of interest. It is Brad DeLong’s explanation of Geithner’s plan to relieve the banks of their toxic assets. He seems to believe it is worthwhile, potentially very profitable and has so far been improperly explained. Q: What is the Geithner Plan? A: The Geithner Plan is a trillion-dollar operation by which […]

RBS: The First Domino?

The Times is reporting that the Royal Bank of Scotland is going to be restructured via the good bank/bad bank route. The details are evidently still being sketched out but the article does have some pretty good information. One thing it mentions is that several hundred billion dollars worth of assets are going to be […]

Could The Social Security Trust Fund Buy The Banks’ Toxic Assets?

This is such an off the wall idea that I am sure there are a thousand things wrong with it, or at least a dozen. But I’ve been turning it over in my head all evening and still haven’t figured out if it makes any sense once parsed. So I’m going to just dump it […]