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Manhattan Office Values Crater

Bloomberg has a short article that notes commercial real estate deals in Manhattan have come to a halt. They quote CB Richard Ellis statistics that show three buildings changed hands in the first six months of the year versus an average of 32. The article cites a lack of financing as one of the obstacles […]

Treasury To Raise PPIP From The Crypt

No matter how bad the idea, once it’s been given life and funding it seems that in Washington it’s impossible to kill. The case in point tonight is the PPIP. Yes, that program, the apparent death of which a couple of weeks ago caused you to breathe a sigh of relief. Well not so fast, […]

The Fed: Financing For Everything

You knew that this was where we were headed. The NYT has a very good article that describes the manner in which politics is intruding on the Fed’s lending facilities particularly TALF. The central bank is increasingly having to make politically sensitive choices. For example, it is weighing whether loans to people who buy speedboats […]

Elizabeth Warren Has Gaps In Her Grasp Of TALF

Linda Lowell of HousingWire does quite a job of knocking the stuffing out of Elizabeth Warren’s criticisms of the TALF. Bottom line, she makes a very clear case for the head of the Congressional Oversight Panel’s less than complete understanding of the securities markets and how the TALF functions. It’s long but if you have […]

TALF And Hogs

Missed this until this evening. It’s from the Saturday WSJ. It seems that TALF is providing financing for some securitizations that are a bit out on the curve. Lately they’ve been involved with a $500 million deal for Harley Davidson and a $709 million one for Alliance Data Systems. Now this isn’t to knock either […]

Fed Moving To Support Commercial Real Estate Via TALF

The Fed is back to talking about using the TALF to finance commercial mortgage backed securities. You might recall that this was on the front burner early this month only to fade somewhat into the background. Unfortunately, not far enough into the background. The WSJ did a story on this and I did a post […]

TARP For Insurance Companies And TALF For CMBS

You have to figure that some insurance companies are really desperate. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Treasury Department has decided to extend TARP funds to some. From the WSJ: The Treasury is expected to announce within the next several days the inclusion of life insurers that are bank holding companies or own a […]