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Why The Administration Wants To Nationalize Student Loans

The Obama administration made it pretty clear yesterday that they do indeed intend to take over the student loan market. That’s not a big surprise but the language they used to make their case was revealing. Robert Shireman, a deputy undersecretary of the Department of Education had this to say to the House Education and […]

How Socialized Is The Financial System?

The concept of nationalization has been tossed around pretty loosely over the past few weeks. Usually it’s been discussed in the context of some sort of scheme to take over some of the failing big banks and reconstitute them for eventual return to private ownership. Not even the left of center authors that I’ve read have […]

We Call This Capitalism

If anyone out there can make any sense of this article and the circumstances surrounding it, I sure would be happy to hear from you. It’s about the student loan industry and it seems to me like it’s a gigantic Madoff in the making.  Here is a taste of it from the NY Times: The […]