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Lots Of Questions About Where The Economies Are Headed

Where is this economy and stock market going to go from here? Is it a suckers rally or just the stock market doing what it always does — discounting future growth? Here’s a trio of bearish views from the U.K. and one from this side of the pond. Perma-bear Ambrose Evans-Pritchard pulls out a bunch […]

Figuring Out The Stock Market

As you may know, I pay little attention to what the stock market does on any given day or on any given period shorter than say three or four months. But when it does go up over 6% i do at least notice. So this evening while I was getting some cardio in, I turned […]

Is A Hard Way Eight A Better Bet Than The Stock Market?

I don’t normally pay much attention to day-to-day movements in stock markets but the Asian markets this evening caught my eye. They’re off more than 3% as I write this. Is this the week in which we see some real capitulation in the Dow and S&P? It wouldn’t be a big surprise. Somehow I get […]

ISM Comes In Worse Than Expected

The first business day of 2009 was more than passably strange. Equity markets were buoyant and the news could arguably have not been worse. I tend to ignore the stock market, at least in the short term, so let’s just assume all of the buyers showed up today and the sellers took an extra day […]