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Unemployment And Stimulus

Obviously, I’ve been away for awhile. Actually not physically, I just felt like a long overdue break fro blogging was warranted. I don’t know if it’s going to result in any better content quality but I sure enjoyed the chance to just sit back, read a bit and reflect. So, with that explanation, let me […]

Austerity Or Stimulus? The G20 Sparks A Discussion

The tone of the G20 communique on stimulus and sustainability of public finances has sparked a lively debate in the blogosphere. First, here’s the offending language — at least offending to some: The global economy continues to recover faster than anticipated, although at an uneven pace across countries and regions. However, the recent volatility in […]

Time To Rethink Stimulus?

Today’s job numbers have precipitated the usual response from Washington. Spend more money! Get ready for Stimulus ll. Now all of that might make some sense if we had been spending Stimulus l but so far official estimates put the money out the door at about 10% of what’s been appropriated. That of course leads […]

The Need To Spend Stimulus Dollars Faster

The Republicans are hitting the administration hard over the 9.4% unemployment figure announced this morning and evidently the administration is taking note. Vice President Biden announced today that they would be speeding up implementation of the stimulus program. The aim is evidently to get more money out the door throughout the summer. The administration is […]

Panic Won’t Solve Our Economic Problems

Marginal Revolution has two excellent posts (here and here) on a subject that keeps nagging at me. Basically, are we overreacting to this recession. I put up a post a couple of days ago that referred to a New York Times article that pointed out this recession was statistically not as bad, so far, as the […]

Obama: The New Republican

Well this guy isn’t walking the walk or talking the talk of a spendthrift Democrat. President-elect Obama came out with some talk on government and deficits that would have been more expected from, oh say Ronald Reagan. In, perhaps a more detailed statement than has been seen so far, Mr. Obama acknowledged that the fiscal […]

Random Thoughts On Random Things

Call it winding down for the Holidays but I find myself struggling to find something worthwhile to write about. Having failed miserably in doing so, here are some random thoughts that have been bouncing around in my very slow moving brain. State Finances It is becoming painfully evident that many states are in dire straits […]