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Governors Cast A Wary Eye On Fiscal Stimulus Money

Beware of strangers bearing gifts. A few of the nation’s governors are taking that old saw to heart. They’re having second thoughts about how much of the fiscal stimulus pie they want to accept after noticing some of the stings attached. If you’re running a state in this economy it’s hard to turn down what […]

What’s The Best Stimulus For The Economy?

From all appearances, fiscal stimulus in the form of massive government expenditures would seem to be the unanimous choice to cure whatever ails the economy. One has to search far and wide to find any dissenting opinions or even thoughtful discussion about the advisability of going all in on the concept. Fortunately, Lawrence Lindsey has offered […]

Random Thoughts On Random Things

Call it winding down for the Holidays but I find myself struggling to find something worthwhile to write about. Having failed miserably in doing so, here are some random thoughts that have been bouncing around in my very slow moving brain. State Finances It is becoming painfully evident that many states are in dire straits […]