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L.A.’s Monument To Government Excess

This is one of those things that makes you want to cry. From the WSJ: At $578 million—or about $140,000 per student—the 24-acre Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools complex in mid-Wilshire is the most expensive school ever constructed in U.S. history. To put the price in context, this city’s Staples sports and entertainment center cost […]

New York Still Stuck In Tax And Spend Time Warp

Remember the part about how the fiscal stimulus bill was going to provide relief to strapped states so they wouldn’t be forced to cut services and above all else raise taxes because, after all, raising taxes is something only Hoover reincarnations do in a recession. Well, meet a bunch of state Hoovers. The WSJ on […]

How Do The States Cope With Monumental Problems?

Somewhat buried in all of the talk about fiscal stimulus, bank bailouts, auto company bankruptcies and the generally awful state of the world has been the predicament that the various states of the Republic are experiencing. The fiscal stimulus plan sticks a wad of gum in this rather large breach in the dike but it won’t […]