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The Tax Con

Tim Geithner seemed to make it pretty clear today that the administration plans to let the Bush tax cuts for individuals making more than $200,000 and families earning more than $250,000 expire. Here is the rationale for increasing taxes: “We think that’s the responsible thing to do because we need to make sure we can […]

Getting Boomers To Work Longer

The Economist Free Exchange has an interesting post up about retirement. To some extent it rehashes the arguments about raising the retirement age and the need for individuals to take more ownership of their retirement planning. What was interesting to me was this passage: From a historical perspective the entire retirement concept it is relatively […]

The Social Security Safety Net Has Big Holes

The Trustees for Social Security and Medicare issued their annual report today and it does not make for nice reading.  Social Security is now forecast to begin paying out more than it receives in 2016 and be insolvent in 2037. Previously it was expected to be revenue negative in 2017 and insolvent in 2041. Medicare is […]

Could The Social Security Trust Fund Buy The Banks’ Toxic Assets?

This is such an off the wall idea that I am sure there are a thousand things wrong with it, or at least a dozen. But I’ve been turning it over in my head all evening and still haven’t figured out if it makes any sense once parsed. So I’m going to just dump it […]

Does Geithner Deserve A Pass?

There always seems to be one incoming President’s cabinet nominee that turns into a fiasco. For awhile it looked like President-elect Obama’s oops would be Bill Richardson. Now Timothy Geithner, the nominee for Treasury Secretary looks to be the one to take the prize. It seems Mr. Geithner, who as Treasury Secretary will have the IRS reporting to […]