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Sheila Bair Exacts Payback From Citi

Never piss off a regulator. Citi’s executives are now paying the price for having done so. From the WSJ: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is pushing for a shake-up of CitigroupInc.’s top management, imperiling Chief Executive Vikram Pandit, people familiar with the matter said. The FDIC, under Chairman Sheila Bair, also recently pressed a fellow regulator […]

Sheila Bair Says Press Reports Are Misleading AKA I Didn’t Say What I Said

President Obama didn’t understand what the health care providers were really promising, Nancy Pelosi says no one told her anything about torture but none of her colleagues seem willing to back her up on that one and now Sheila Bair says that she didn’t really say that some bank executives will be replaced. These Washington […]

IndyMac May Be Bought From The FDIC

Housing Wire is reporting that the FDIC has found a buyer for IndyMac Bank. No details at this time but, apparently, they have agreed to continue Sheila Bair’s crusade for modifying the bank’s loans. If you don’t know how I feel about this particular regulator, just input her name into the search box and you will […]