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Slow-Walking The Jobs ACT

Matthew Yglesias advocates for the JOBS Act: But that doesn’t mean nobody is going to crowdfund. It just means the crowdfunding will be done by whole new operations. Fundrise, for example, is a company whose idea is to sell small (as small as $100) shares in urban infill real estate projects to the public. They’ve been […]

The Myth Of SEC Underfunding

I was wandering around the web this afternoon and stopped by Rortybomb’s blog for a dose of progressivism. As chance would have it, his most recent post advanced the meme that lack of funding for regulatory agencies factored into the crisis. Ezra Klein and others had a series of posts and twitter exchanges about the increases […]

SEC Decides To Figure Out How Scams Work

This is one of those articles that makes you ask, what have they been doing. From the WSJ: The Securities and Exchange Commission, hoping for a better shot at catching the next big fraud, is working on plans to set up teams of specialists who focus on specific kinds of wrongdoing. Robert Khuzami, the former […]

New Help At Treasury

Do you remember the line in “The Right Stuff”, Tom Wolfe’s book about Chuck Yeager, when one of the pilots remarks to Sam Shephard who played Yeager that Gus Grissom had “screwed the pooch when his capsule sank?” Shephard looked at him and said, “I guess that some pooches can’t be screwed.” That’s what I thought […]

Another View Of Regulation

In addition to the post below, here is another view of regulation from the WSJ today. The Journal has consistently held that regulation is not the be all and end all for preventing the types of problems we have recently encountered. It’s a position that I’m not unsympathetic to. Their chronicle of the resources that […]