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Is Sheila Bair Now Proposing A New RTC?

Maybe I’m wrong but it seems as if Sheil Bair, Chairwoman of the FDIC, is proposing that we go back to the future. “Under this scenario, you’d take over the troubled firm, imposing losses on stockholders and unsecured creditors,” she said. “Viable portions of the firm would be placed into the ‘good bank’ using a […]

Fumbling And Stumbling Over TARP

  Is it time to shelve all of the plans for resolving the banks and just go back to a plan that we know works? Consider what’s transpired over the past couple days. ·         Tim Geithner says over the weekend that he will be the arbiter of whether or not the banks can pay back their […]

A Commentors Thoughts On TALF And The RTC

Yesterday I wrote a post about TALF and the disturbing lack of transparency that seemed to be developing around the program. The article was picked up by Seeking Alpha and attracted a comment that I feel is worth reprinting. I am quite concerned about TALF’s conspicuous lack of transparency. The public has no idea who […]

Are The Regulators Moving To A RTC Solution?

I put up a post last night that discussed the idea of resurrecting the RTC concept as a means of clearing bad assets out of the banking system. Reuters is reporting today that there seems to be some move afoot to do something along those lines. The details are more than fuzzy with lots of […]

Let’s Fast Forward To A New RTC

As the banking crisis worsens the government steps up its attempt to creatively keep those that are perceived as survivors alive. The weak are merged into the strong in order to avoid further strain on the deposit insurance fund but the strong turn out to be paper tigers. And so it goes for years. You […]

Now The Commercial Real Estate Guys Want A Handout

If you read this earlier and are just now scraping yourself off of the ceiling, I apologize making you go ballistic once more. The WSJ and others reported that the new beggar at the Treasury’s bailout window is the commercial real estate industry. A recent letter sent to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and signed by […]