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IMF: Recovery Will Most Likely Not Be Robust

Olivier Blanchard, an IMF economist, has some interesting thoughts on recovery. His position is that, if history is any guide, economic growth will be permanently impaired as a result of the recession. All this means that we may not go back to the old growth path, that potential output may be lower than it was before the […]

Why Is Europe Recovering More Quickly?

The somewhat shocking news that Europe and particularly those two mixed-economy giants, France and Germany, appear to be emerging from their recession more swiftly than we are, has some free market types asking some atypical questions. First, if you haven’t seen it here from the WSJ is a quick look at what’s going on: Germany […]

Where Is This Economy Heading?

As economic conditions appear to be improving and equity markets all over the globe signal better times ahead, it’s not hard to assume that the worst might be behind us, that we will start pulling out of this deep recession just as we have pulled out of so many others with robust growth. Two really […]

Could We See A 1980 Sort Of Recovery From The Recession?

A very solid article in the WSJ today gives some historical perspective on why we might see a surprisingly strong rebound in the economy sooner than expected. The article uses the recession of 1980 as its basis of comparison. That recession came on very suddenly with a drop in consumption and employment that exceeded what we’ve […]