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Could We See A 1980 Sort Of Recovery From The Recession?

A very solid article in the WSJ today gives some historical perspective on why we might see a surprisingly strong rebound in the economy sooner than expected. The article uses the recession of 1980 as its basis of comparison. That recession came on very suddenly with a drop in consumption and employment that exceeded what we’ve […]

The Pelosi Chart

Making the rounds on the Internet has been Nancy Pelosi’s chart that demonstrates the severity of this recession as opposed to the last two. I would be putting my blogging license in jeopardy if I didn’t reproduce it. There are all sorts of problems with this chart, not the least of which is that it […]

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard-Back To A Bearish View

After a walk on the optimistic side last week (see my post here), Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is back on the bear train. Here are some of the facts he cites in making his case for a steady slide of the world into economic catastrophe. Japan-Exports fell 35% in December. Industrial output fell 9%. The economy is contracting at […]

Are The Signs Of The Turn A False Spring?

When Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes an article intimating that we may be nearing a bottom of this brutal world wide recession you have to sit up and take notice. After all Mr. Pritchard has been as much the voice of doom and destruction of anyone who has written on the subject. Yet here he is in the Telegraph […]

GDP Numbers Come In Lower Than Expected: There’s A Reason Why

What appeared to be a good data point this morning, turned out on further analysis to be anything but that. Fourth quarter GDP declined at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 3.8%. Economists had suggested the decline would be in the 5.5% range. The fly in the ointment was inventories which increased by $6.2 billion […]

Staggering Job Losses: What Do The Numbers Tell Us?

A couple of reports, one in the Guardian and the other in the New York Times, highlight the toll that the recession is taking on jobs. The NYT article notes that today U.S. companies announced job cuts totaling 45,000 employees. The Guardian article notes that today over 67,000 job cuts were announced across Britain, Europe […]

Guess What ARRP Stands For

Well this is going to be fun. The White House has two websites up now on the American Reinvestment and Recovery Plan (ARRP). You have to love the acronyms they come up with. The links will be at the bottom of this post. The first one has nothing on it. It’s supposed to track how […]