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New Home Sales And Some Other Real Estate Info

New home sales as reported by the Census Bureau were 356,000 units for March versus 358,000 units in February. Months of supply was 10.7.  I highly recommend that you take a look at a post on Calculated Risk regarding these numbers. He has his usual in-depth analysis and then presents his conclusion as to the […]

Should You Jump Into Real Estate? A Couple Bloggers Say Yes

Is it a positive sign when a couple blogs start pushing real estate for the small investor? A couple of pundits are suggesting that it may indeed be time to take a bit of a plunge.  Paul Kedrsoky cites a blog post by James Saft at Reuters which makes the case that rental residential real estate […]

Home Price Slide Hits Even The Best Areas Of LA

There’s an interesting article in the LA Times this morning about home prices in the tonier areas of LA starting to fall. It seems that some of the areas have seen price declines of up to 30%. You’re probably saying so what else is new. Actually, this news represents a sea change and buries the […]

Why It’s Going To Be A Long Haul For Phoenix Real Estate

The Urban Land Institute had its annual Phoenix real estate conference on Thursday. The conference is well regarded as it tends to bring in outsiders without any axe to grind to offer their assessment of the Phoenix real estate market and its prospects. The analysis presented by the participants wasn’t too attractive. “Growth locally (in […]

Another Idea To Goose Homebuying

Here we go again. When in doubt pump up the housing sector. Will these guys ever figure this out? The latest proposal is for the Treasury to buy a big bond from the Federal Home Loan Banks (see link for an interesting Business Week article on the risks they entail) at a below market interest rate […]