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Wall Street, REITs And Single-Family Homes

At the risk of shooting fish in a barrel, I’m going to offer some thoughts on investment in single-family real estate, particularly the recent rush into the sector by Wall Street. I’ve spent some time consulting for companies which manage single-family homes for investors as well as with an investor who was an early player […]

Has Wall Street Speculation Pushed Small Investors To Real Estate?

Henry Blodget on Clusterstock notes that the average holding period for New York Stock Exchange stocks has declined to six months. Blodgett’s take is that this doesn’t constitute investing. In any event, can we please stop pretending that what most fund managers are doing every day is “investing”?  Holding stocks for six months isn’t investing.  […]

Single Family Home Investors: What’s Driving Them?

Why are ordinary Americans jumping back into the real estate investment market so readily. One would think the sector would be avoided like the plague but it appears as if single family homes as investment vehicles may be more popular than ever. Mind you, it’s hard to get reliable data on how many single family […]

Modifying Investors’ Loans Isn’t In Their Best Interest

Barbara Kiviat has a post up on the Curious Capitalist that discusses the new rules regarding second mortgages under Obama’s housing rescue plan. It’s a good post with some interesting thoughts beyond the new regs. One idea she throws out concerns investor owned properties: First, the Administration continues to ignore the problems caused by investor-owned […]