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Fed President Lacker Suggest It May Be Time To Back Off On QE

This is interesting. Richmond Fed President, Jeffrey Lacker, is out today with comments suggesting it might be time for the Fed to start pulling back a bit. From Reuters: The U.S. economy appears to have stabilized and may not need all the stimulus the central bank had planned to offer, Richmond Federal Reserve Bank President […]

Some Contrarian Ideas

Liam Halligan has a bit of an iconoclastic piece in the Telegraph today. In it he takes on fiscal stimulus and regulatory reform. I find myself agreeing with some of his points and on the fence with regard to some others. Quantitative Easing This column has long-argued the Western world’s policy reaction to “sub-prime” has […]

Facing Reality The EU Prepares For Quantitative Easing

Better late than never. The reality of a recession bordering on a depression within some of their member states has finally dawned on the financial geniuses of the EU. Accordingly, they appear ready to engage in quantitative easing. The reports that though an official announcement has not been forthcoming the deal is indeed done. […]

The Effect Of Quantitative Easing On The Bond Market

If you have an interest in what impact the Fed’s plan to actively engage in quantitative easing may have on the market I suggest that you read this post at Across the Curve. John Jansen, the author, opened a discussion on the subject based on a comment from one of his regular readers. There is […]

An Introduction To Quantitative Easing

Here’s a tutorial on quantitative easing with a nice ending. Quantitative easing from Marketplace on Vimeo.

The Right Way To Do QE

Just in case you were wondering how fast the Fed has expanded the monetary base, here’s a graph (click on it for a larger view)¬†from FTAlphaville that pretty much puts it into perspective. The point of the article is that the U.S. has not only been much more agressive at the outset than was Japan […]

How Risky Is Quantitative Easing?

When the Fed announced its move to ZIRP as well as its intention to move aggressively to quantitative easing, I called it the Great Experiment. At that time I said it made me uneasy and the more I think about it and the more I read, the more queasy I become. Though the move was […]