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Free Trade Update

The Buy American movement is alive and well. In Granite City, Illinois a shipment of Indian made steel pipe has galvanized the city. It seems there is a pipeline being built to carry oil from tar sands to Oklahoma from Canada. That pipeline runs through Granite City and some of the pipe that’s been shipped […]

Protectionism Is Far From Dead

Via Greg Mankiw’s blog, here is a link to the roll call vote to ban the “Buy American” provision of the stimulus bill from applying to the expenditure of stimulus funds. And below is the list of Senators who essentially voted against the “Buy American” provision (note that the amendment called for the provision not […]

Buy American: The Ghost Haunting Davos

A couple of days ago I posted my thoughts on the “Buy American” provisions of the fiscal stimulus bill. A fair amount has been written since but none better than Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s dispatch today from Davos. If you have any interest at all in this subject then it’s a must read. There are two central […]

Buy American Provision Irks Our Trading Partners

A week and a half in power and the Obama administration has managed to¬†alienate a goodly portion of our trading partners. When the Telegraph headline reads “U.S.-EU Trade War Looms…”, you know that you have seriously stepped on some toes. The genesis of all of this is the “buy American” provision in the fiscal stimulus […]

Playing With Fire

A bad recession in the early 1930’s turned into the Great Depression largely because politicians did what they are wont to do. Legislate badly. We may be staring down the barrel of that gun once more. A short article in the New York Times this evening which deserves to be much longer points out that […]