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Words Versus Actions

Some things you might want to keep in mind as you listen to the State of the Union speech this evening. Ezra Klein reckons that the President has effectively turned the talk of spending restraint towards more spending, but the good kind: The president won’t give his annual State of the Union address until later […]

Is There A Primary Challenger In His Future? Don’t Count On It

It would be a significant understatement to say that President Obama has had a bad Fall. From the disaster of the elections to his bizarre press conference announcing the tax deal to calling in Bill Clinton for support he looks more and more like a man unable to get a grip on the situation much […]

Congress Isn’t Going To Keep Its Hands Off GM

Well it didn’t take me long to get an answer to the question about whether members of Congress would abide by Obama’s principles for keeping hands off the auto companies and other enterprises controlled by the government. The previous post enunciated those principles and asked if Congress had gotten the memo and if they did […]

Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

Two opinions I came across this week present starkly different analyses of our economic future. Holman Jenkins is practically predicting a lost decade. The basis for his outlook is that the loss of prosperity will usher in a period of bad government policy that will exacerbate the situation by destroying confidence in the private sector. […]

California Will Lead Us To The Promised Land

As if the country didn’t have enough on its plate, we get this little bit of news. Yahoo reports that the influence of California both within the Obama administration and in both houses of Congress is going to be substantial. Though it’s a little hard to take, here is a sample of the hyperbole: Perhaps […]