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Political Quotes Of The Week

From, here’s the link to the political one-liners of the week and a couple of samples. “Who let the Blue Dogs out?” -A chyron on “Hardball”. “That is the voice of God because its the voice of truth and experience.” – MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, reacting to a Bill Clinton speech. Remember last week when I […]

Quotes Of The Week

From the ever popular political quotes of the week. Here are a couple of teasers: “When he’s not arresting you, Sergeant Crowley is a really likable guy.”– Henry Louis Gates, Jr., following the “Suds Summit” at the White House. “The dog is really nice, and I’m not afraid he’s going to bite me like Barney […]

Political Quotes Of The Week

A couple of’s quotes of the week: “I have almost all the confidence in the world that whatever I say is not going to make the news tonight.”–White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, opening up his first press briefing after Obama’s prime-time press conference remark that Cambridge police acted “stupidly” in arresting Harvard Professor […]