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Illegal Immigration: Violence Accompanies The Search For A Better Life

Pretty much by accident I came across this article in the Phoenix New Times just as I was about to call it a night. It’s about the brutality that accompanies illegal immigration. I personally considered the new Arizona law (SB 1070) which attempted to address the illegal immigration problem a poorly considered piece of legislation. […]

Will Phoenix Recover This Time?

Regular readers of this blog know that I live in Phoenix and have tried from time to time to portray the devastation that the recession has wreaked on this city. An article today on Bloomberg does as good a job and probably better than I have in numerous posts of conveying the chaos. Here is […]

Has Phoenix Stopped Growing?

A funny thing happened to Phoenix this recession. It seems people quit moving to the town. From the Arizona Republic: A once-unthinkable thing happened to Salt River Project this June. When the utility counted, officials found 30 fewer residential customers in the 2,900-square-mile territory covering a major portion of what recently was the fastest-growing region […]

Home Value Distortions

Here are some numbers for Phoenix residential real estate sales in January. The picture they paint won’t surprise you but the way the numbers come together is interesting and contains a cautionary tale. First, look at Maricopa County as a whole. Foreclosures were up 8.3% increasing from 3,110 in December to 3,370 in January. January […]

How Phoenix Escaped The Recession For A Weekend

I suppose it was like this during the Great Depression as well but in Phoenix the weekend that is almost finished seemed like a throwback to the Bubble Days. The town’s been full of people spending money, partying and buying toys for which they have absolutely use. A fortunate confluence of three events led to this blowout. […]

Why It’s Going To Be A Long Haul For Phoenix Real Estate

The Urban Land Institute had its annual Phoenix real estate conference on Thursday. The conference is well regarded as it tends to bring in outsiders without any axe to grind to offer their assessment of the Phoenix real estate market and its prospects. The analysis presented by the participants wasn’t too attractive. “Growth locally (in […]

Will Federal Money Cure Arizona’s Budgetary Woes?

It’s been awhile since I featured any Phoenix news, so  on the eve of the fiscal stimulus bill, or almost the eve, I thought I’d review some of the grisly details about the state of the city and state’s finances. It isn’t pretty. Basically, Phoenix is looking at the prospect of cutting some $270 billion […]