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Steve Jobs As A Ninja And Other Thoughts

Not much time to post this past week, so here are some things that caught my eye along the way. Housing The emerging consensus seems to be that while the government can keep shooting bullets at the housing market for as long as they care to throw away tax payer dollars, their efforts are likely […]

Pension Plans: How Long Can We Sweep The Problems Under The Rug?

Despite the influx of fiscal stimulus money, the governor of Arizona is appearing this¬†afternoon before a joint session of the legislature to lay out the sobering facts about the fiscal condition of the state. The stimulus money only plugged the current hole. It does nothing to address the systemic hole that Arizona has dug for […]

How Do The States Cope With Monumental Problems?

Somewhat buried in all of the talk about fiscal stimulus, bank bailouts, auto company bankruptcies and the generally awful state of the world has been the predicament that the various states of the¬†Republic are experiencing. The fiscal stimulus plan sticks a wad of gum in this rather large breach in the dike but it won’t […]