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The FDIC Compromises On Private Equity Bank Ownership

Faced with a dwindling universe of buyers for the banks it takes over, the FDIC today agreed to significant revisions in previously announced restrictions on the acquisition of banks by private equity firms. The agency had indicated it would require the acquiring PE firms to maintain a Tier 1 capital ratio of 15% but reduced […]

FDIC Sets Some High Hurdles For PE Acquisitions Of Banks

I don’t find myself saying this often — Congratulations, Sheila Bair! The new rules that the FDIC proposes for private equity buyers of banks have some teeth. I’ve been blogging overtime on this issue and would prefer to see PE out of the picture entirely but, failing that, I had hoped the FDIC would come […]

Opening The Bank Vault To Private Equity

This is one that I just don’t get. The FDIC says it’s going to issue new guidelines for the purchase of failed banks by private equity companies while the newly proposed banking regulations take a harsh stance towards commercial enterprises owning insured depositories. First from the WSJ the FDIC approach: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. […]

Private Equity Moves Further Into Banking

As two articles this week make clear, my Quixotic crusade to stem the tide of private equity into the banking industry is coming a cropper. I wrote a couple of posts over the last few weeks (here and here) decrying the cave-in to the PE industry’s pursuit of banks. Since then Bank United and First […]

Another PE Firm Sniffing Around Troubled Banks

A couple of days ago, the FDIC approved the acquisition of Bank United by a private equity consortium. At that time I wrote a post noting that the agency was making policy without debate. It now appears that the signals were plain enough. Another group is circling around an ailing Florida bank. From the WSJ: […]