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Revisiting Dumping The Payroll Tax For A Carbon Tax

Felix Salmon takes note today of an article in the New Yorker advocating replacing the payroll tax with a carbon tax. If you follow this blog that may remind you of a post I had in December that referred to Greg Mankiw’s suggestion that we follow that course. Here is a link to my post which […]

What’s The Best Stimulus For The Economy?

From all appearances, fiscal stimulus in the form of massive government expenditures would seem to be the unanimous choice to cure whatever ails the economy. One has to search far and wide to find any dissenting opinions or even thoughtful discussion about the advisability of going all in on the concept. Fortunately, Lawrence Lindsey has offered […]

A Proposal To Trade The Payroll Tax For A Gas Tax

Greg Mankiw of Harvard is suggesting that as part of the fiscal stimulus plan the payroll tax be eliminated and the shortfall in revenue be made up through a gradual increase in gasoline taxes that would push the price up to $4 a gallon. For the wonkish among you there is a link to a […]