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Two Views Of Paul Ryan

Representative Paul Ryan was a guest at a gathering of the American Council on Capital Formation this week. Apparently, he spoke at length on a number of topics. Two of the better analysts around these days attended and offered their take on his positions. Ryan Avent was, shall we say, not taken by Mr. Ryan: […]

Ryan’s “Path To Prosperity”

Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal (PDF. here) has hit with the impact of a rather large nuclear weapon, at least if you judge the impact of such things on the basis of the reaction of the liberal side of the blogosphere. In that realm the the numbers Ryan presents are fanciful and the affects of […]

An Interview With Paul Ryan

An interesting interview of Rep. Paul Ryan from the WSJ. He talks about the recent agreement on taxes, the Deficit Commission recommendations (he voted no) and health care. You might find his views on fiscal issues and the 2012 elections particularly intriguing. You can love or hate the guy but you have to pay attention […]