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US Oil Production Will Be Fine With Lower Prices

Before Monday rolls around and the analysts start talking their book at CNBC and elsewhere, take a look at this short article on oil prices from Market Watch. Moreover, this supposed floor reflects the “full cycle costs” of production, they said, arguing that this overlooks the fact that many producers in North Dakota, Texas and […]

Another Oil Shock Coming?

Back in April 2009 I wrote a post which drew on the work of James Hamilton with regard to oil prices as the possible proximate cause of the Great Recession. Hamilton had pretty much nailed the decline in economic output that would result from an oil shock equivalent to the one we experienced in 2008 […]

Some Random Thoughts On A Slow Day

Aside from President Obama getting rained out in Chicago and some video feed that purports to be a saw cutting through the riser on the remains of the Deepwater Horizon’s drilling apparatus, there isn’t a whole lot going on in and around this country. Just the way a holiday should be. That gives me the […]

Revisiting The ’70s

I’ve come to the conclusion that American politicians followed closely by American journalists have absolutely no facility for comprehending historical lessons. Today’s case in point is the move towards limiting “speculation” in oil. Now the potential for repeating history might be somewhat muted if this movement were limited to the oil futures market but as […]

The Price Of Oil Spikes Up

Yikes! Oil closed above $70. Nobody seems to think that demand is driving the price. The culprit is the weakening dollar. In the end, it probably doesn’t matter what’s to blame, the damage is going to be done anyway. more: here

What’s Going To Be The Fallout From Increasing Oil Prices?

Here’s a short update on the oil market from the Telegraph: Many Western investors and politicians have been hoping “cheap crude” would see us through this crisis. During the first quarter of this year oil averaged $42, compared with $94 during 2008. That has helped dampen inflation by keeping the lid on energy costs to […]

Oil Movin’ On Up

Keep an eye on oil. The price is more than creeping up. It closed above $65 today, demand is up and inventories are down.  From Reuters: U.S. crude oil for July delivery settled up $1.63 to $65.08 a barrel, the highest settlement since November 5, after hitting an intraday high of $65.44. London Brent crude […]