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Sic Transit The Individual Mandate

Doing a rare Thursday night dump, the Obama administration announced that the individual mandate for some is no longer operative and catastrophic plans, heretofore referred to as “junk insurance”, should be made available to those who choose that course. The lucky few, at least for now, are those whose insurance has been cancelled. Ezra Klein, […]

Simplifying The ObamaCare Enrollment Data

From Coyote Blog, an attempt to look through the government doublespeak about the progress of ObamaCare. You might also want to look at his companion piece concerning the amount of subsidy implicit in the numbers to date. Bottom line, this might get really expensive.

ObamaCare: Changing The Subject

This hardly seems to signal an abundance of optimism from the Obama administration. President Barack Obama plans to push back the second-year start of enrollment in Affordable Care Act health plans, a move that would let insurers adjust to growing pains in the overhaul and potentially stave off premium increases before the 2014 congressional elections. The enrollment […]

ObamaCare’s Strange Bedfellows

Obamacare has what’s called a risk corridor. Basically, it’s a formula for making good losses insurance companies might incur if they misprice their policies or the insurance pools turn out not to match up properly with their models. The risk corridors assumed that some would make “excess” profits and some would suffer unanticipated losses. The […]

The Obamacare Train Wreck

  Just when I thou ght I was out… they pull me back in. Michael Corleone, The Godfather lll That’s kind of how I feel about Obamacare today. I’m tired of reading about it, tired of watching the talking heads opine about it and tired of writing about it. Still … it’s fascinating in the […]

Expanding The ACA Subsidies To Quell The Storm

Earlier this evening I wrote a post suggesting that the Obama administration would tough out their current problems with the ACA and that the promises to administratively fix the issues they were encountering with those losing their individual insurance policies amounted to not much more than “stall ball.” I didn’t consider that they might actually […]

The President Creates New Problems For ACA

Keith Hennessey points to yet another problem with ACA, this one new and created by the President’s remarks yesterday. There’s a problem, that “a small percentage of folks” (8-10 million people) are facing canceled individual market health insurance plans, and some of them are “disadvantaged” by the new options, or will be once they can […]