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Obama Protecting The Banks From The Mob has an interesting post on the bankers’ meeting with President Obama last week. It wasn’t a kumbaya session. There were signs from the outset that this was a business event, not a social gathering. At each place around the table sat a single glass of water. No ice. For those who finished their glass, […]

The AIG Fire May Cost Obama Dearly

It seems that the battle lines may be forming already. After two months on the job, the Obama administration is faced with an issue that will define its relationship with the American business community. The definition will most likely be found in the dictionary under A as in antagonistic. The President has indicated that he […]

Another Obama Appointee In Trouble?

I haven’t heard anything about this but maybe that’s because I’m spending too much time mired in financial news. I do need to get a life. Fast Money (interesting site) reports that Obama’s CIO, Vivek Kundra, has taken a leave of absence. It seems that his former office where he was the Chief Technology Officer was […]

President Obama’s Speech

President Obama delivered a fine speech last night. It was eloquent and I thought struck a positive note that has been missing. Confidence matters. Unfortunately, I felt that he promised much more than he can possibly deliver absent a significant increase in taxes. He clearly intends to pursue an expansionary health care initiative as well […]

With Friends Like These …-Obama Gets Hammered On Fiscal Stimulus

Now you know why Franklin Roosevelt refused to engage on the economy until after his inauguration in 1993. The arrows that have already been launched President-elect Obama’s way over his fiscal stimulus plan are numerous and coming from all quarters. Here is Krugman on the plan: Whatever the explanation, the Obama plan just doesn’t look […]

Text Of Obama’s Speech On The Economy

If you haven’t read President-elect Obama’s speech today here is a link to it. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good rally the spirits sort of address. Not much new in terms of actual policy but he seems to be sticking to his base plan of combining tax cuts with direct federal spending. At […]

Obama Throws Tax Increases Into The Mix

Just what we need. It looked like President-elect Obama was on a roll and now he starts waffling. In a world full of uncertainties his best currency is decisiveness. In an interview on CNBC this evening, he said that he was unsure of whether or not the Bush tax cuts would be allowed to expire in 2010. Come […]