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Obama Is Doing Just Fine With The Electorate

Ezra Klein spins Obama’s poll ratings this way this morning: But so far as the polls go, Obama is doing okay among the left. In fact, as the graph below shows (click on it for a larger version), his approval trends among Democrats, independents and the country mirror Ronald Reagan’s ratings among Republicans, independents and […]

The Gates Dustup Intensifies

This is pretty much off topic for this blog but the flap over the Obama comment about the arrest of Louis Gates seems to be getting out of control. is reporting that the Cambridge, Mass. police union was demanding an apology for the characterization of the arresting officer as “stupid.” The White House is […]

Some Random Thoughts On The Day

Here’s a couple of random musings on a slow news day: Did Bernanke appear overly nervous today? That was my take and I was rooting for the guy to make a good impression. The BofA-Merrill deal has become politicized and someone is going to have to pay the price. My guess is that it’s Gentle […]

Obama Poll Numbers Head South

President Obama’s poll numbers are starting to wilt like the infamous “green shoots.” Though he is still personally quite popular, his handling of the economy is driving down his poll numbers. From “The real driver is not the president’s personal popularity,” which remains robust, Kohut said, “but faith in him to deal with the […]

Holman Jenkins Shreds The Administration’s Auto Policy

Just in case you missed it, you might want to check out Holman Jenkins editorial in the WSJ today in which he likens President Obama to a king in pursuit of an unachievable goal. He once again shows why he has the best grasp around of the economics of the car industry. Here’s a sample: […]

Sunday Spin

Same day, different spin on the economy from the White House. President Obama who is wrapping up a meeting with nations of the Americas the President said that the U.S. has a ways to go before recovery> “We’re not out of the woods. This is still a difficult time for the economy. Credit is still contracted,” […]

What Is Obama’s Plan For The Banks?

What is the Obama administration up to with the banks? That’s been the question flying around the Web the last two days. Naturally, there’s no shortage of answers. Henry Blodgett at Clusterstock suggests that they may be paralyzed with fear of causing another Lehman type meltdown or more disturbingly that they are in the back […]