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Budget Battles

The President released his budget today and the usual suspects are lining up to either hail or damn it. Predictably political affiliation pretty much determines reaction though the President is getting perhaps a bit more blowback from his left flank than he might have expected. Here are two analyses which I suspect will more or […]

Obama’s Trigger Option

There isn’t a better source for analysis of Washington economic policy than Keith Hennessey. His ability to go beyond the nuts and bolts of a particular proposal and identify the way it folds into the manner in which Washington does business as well as ferret out the hidden games and agendas is unmatched. That’s why […]

Obama Delivers A Political Speech Not A Plan

Well at least we now know the source of our fiscal imbalances — George W. Bush. We were on the road to endless surpluses until he cut taxes and gave seniors coverage for their drugs. If not for that bounder Barack Obama would not have had to stand up in front of the nation and […]

Is Obama A Radical?

The meme of the week was that all of the woes of Wall Street could be laid at the feet of the Obama budget. It was vilified far and wide as too big, anti-capital, pro-labor — throw in any bromide you care for. I doubt that the budget was all that determinative with respect to the week’s […]