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Does Option Theory Validate The Richmond Eminent Domain Plan

Matt Levine has an interesting take on the Richmond, California eminent domain spat. He uses the conventional model which is floating around of a $300,000 mortgage on a house worth $200,000 and asks the question, “What’s the mortgage worth.” If it’s $300,000 as the mortgage owners contend then assuming they can take it via eminent […]

Reshaping Mortgage Finance

It’s only January but we may already have a winner for sheer audacious rent seeking of the year award. The NYT reports that the nation’s big banks would like to be named as replacements for Fannie and Freddie: Wells Fargo and some other large banks would like private companies, perhaps even ¬†themselves, to become the […]

Fannie Reembraces Subprime Mortgages

What we’ve learned over the past three years, courtesy of the NYT: When the housing bubble burst, one of the culprits, economists agreed, was exotic mortgages, including those that required little or no money down. But on a recent evening, Matthew and Hannah Middlebrooke stood in their new $115,000 three-bedroom ranch house here, which Mr. […]

More Doubts About 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

Here is some further heretical thinking on 30-year fixed rate mortgages from, believe it or not, an economist who works for the federal government’s housing cabal. His name is Patrick Lawler and he works for the Federal Housing Finance Agency. James R. Hagerty wrote of Mr. Lawler’s comments in the WSJ Developments blog. Here is […]

Mortgage Applications Actually Falling

Housing Wire has some useful information on mortgage applications this morning. The headline number from the Mortgage Bankers Association is that mortgage applications were up 11.3% for the week ending March 6. HousingWire presents a different picture. Household applications actually fell, according to Mortgage Maxx LCC, which tracks weekly mortgage applications as well for its […]

The ABA Says Citi Is Off The Reservation On Cram-Downs

Last night I put up a post about Citi throwing in with the Congressional Democrats on mortgage cram-down legislation. I speculated that Citi was probably just doing its new masters’ bidding. Since then a couple of stories, both from Housing Wire have come out that adds a bit more meat to the bone. The first […]

A Shack In Arizona And The Housing Crisis-How They Came Together

I’ve been spending a largely unproductive Saturday morning browsing the Internet and came across this little gem from the Wall Street Journal. It’s the story of a woman, a ramshackle house in Arizona and the mortgage crisis. You and I have seen a lot of these before, but this one is well put together. The […]