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FASB, Unemployment, Factory Orders And A Raging Stock Market

According to some of the pundits the equity markets are surging on the news that mark-to-market accounting so far as banks are concerned has been shuttled off to history’s dustbin. In other words, the market values opaque accounting, which is another reason that I fully admit I have no clue as to what drives stock […]

Stuff I Found Interesting Today

There’s a lot of interesting things popping up today. Here’s a quick compendium of some that you might find worth pursuing. Barney Frank & Mark-To-Market Not content to just get rid of MTM and trust the banks to tell us the truth from now on, Congressman Frank now thinks it might be a good idea […]

Will Mark-To-Market Changes Torpedo PPIP?

Bloomberg has a longish article on the coming revisions to mark-to-market accounting rules. It’s worth a read if you have an interest in the subject. One particular piece of the article caught my attention. It points out one of the unintended consequences of the changes. While helping lenders report higher earnings, FASB’s changes may hurt Treasury […]

Mark-To-Market Marches Towards Extinction

Mark-to-market is going to go the way of the dodo so let’s at least give it at least a decent eulogy. The meme is that marks are at the heart of our banking problem. A convention dreamed up by diabolical accountants intent on making financial institutions statements purer than Caesars wife. Get rid of the convention, […]

Mark-To-Market: The Last Desperate Fix

A House Financial Services subcommittee has scheduled hearings for next Thursday to consider changes to mark-to-market accounting. A report from Reuters is somewhat vague but suggests that changes might be afoot. The usual suspects have been besieging the committee with letters in support of relaxing the rules. What difference does this really make? No one […]