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Ponzimonium Raging

Good news for bloggers. According to the government, there are hundreds more Madoffs under investigation. A short article in the WSJ reports that the commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission said that regulators are seeing more Ponzi schemes than ever before. He  referred to it as “rampant Ponzimonium.” Finally one of these guys seems […]

New Twists In Madoff And Stanford Sagas

I haven’t really jumped on the Madoff/Stanford blogging train. There are plenty of others doing good jobs following the story and even more just milking it to death. However, the news today pertaining to both is just too good to pass up. It seems Sir Stanford has gone missing again. Having cornered their man yesterday and […]

Thoughts On Regulation

I wrote this some time ago and never got around to publishing it. I was never quite satisfied with what I wrote and I’m still not, but in light of the Madoff Affair, I decided to throw it on the blog. Everyone else has had a shot at trying to pin the blame for the […]

What’s The Real Story With Bernie Madoff

I hesitate to bore you with another story about Bernie Madoff as I’m sure most of you are suffering from over exposure at this point. But the more I read, the less any of it makes sense. Right now there are all sorts of accusations floating around about how the SEC was asleep at the […]

Madoff: Did Wall Street Look The Other Way?

Sometimes it’s an advantage not to be part of the Wall Street/New York clique. Today is certainly one of those rare times. The dodging, shifting, I saw it along time ago, of course we all knew what was going on nonsense that has eminated from the blogs and the papers with regard to the Ponzi […]