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How Congress Plans To Bring More Under The TARP Umbrella

Here is a bit of tea leaf reading via Housing Wire. The site reported Friday on some details from Barney Frank on the outline of his bill to amend the TARP. Here’s an overview. The six sections of the outline include a modification of the TARP and its oversight, foreclosure relief, clarification of the automobile […]

Why Not Study The Data On Loan Modifications?

This is a curious post that I came across at the WSJ Real Time Economics site. Strange only because I can’t find a link to follow to the author. Otherwise it’s fascinating. It is short, so let me post the whole thing. Global Response: Writing Time’s Curious Capitalist blog, Barbara Kiviat says that the data […]

IndyMac May Be Bought From The FDIC

Housing Wire is reporting that the FDIC has found a buyer for IndyMac Bank. No details at this time but, apparently, they have agreed to continue Sheila Bair’s crusade for modifying the bank’s loans. If you don’t know how I feel about this particular regulator, just input her name into the search box and you will […]