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Some Sunday Reading

Don’t expect a lot of IRS employees to lose their jobs. I previously predicted that no one at the IRS would (or could) be fired over the recent scandal and that the most noteworthy offenders would probably get punished with mandatory paid vacation. Those predictions seem to have been correct. Having gotten the easy ones right, I’d like to venture a […]

A Mercifully Few Thoughts On The Recent Election

Out of a respect for your intelligence as well as a strong suspicion that you have heard post mortems on the recent election sufficient to carry you to the after life, I have refrained from adding additional superfluity. I do, however, recommend the following if you have an interest in reading something about what transpired […]

Krugman And Mankiw Square Off

Admittedly watching two economists go after each other is kind of like watching a couple of sixty year old men having a fistfight in a parking lot. It’s decent entertainment for a couple of minutes but then you realize that what you’ve already seen is about as good as it’s going to get. Likewise, the ruckus that […]

Putting A Racial Spin On Economic Recovery

What gives with the racism attacks on the Bush administration by the Washington Post and New York Times opinion guys over the past two days. You would think that after kicking butt in the election they would be happy to just enyoy the Holidays and swing back into action next week. First, Krugman steps out […]