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Thain Climbs Out From Under Bus And Pushes Lewis In Front Of One

I’ll lose my blogger’s license if I don’t post something on the Thain counter attack. So here via Clusterstock is the text of the letter he sent to Merrill employees. Memo from John Thain It has been an honor to lead this company over the last very difficult year.  The decisions that I made were […]

Would You Buy Bank Of America Common?

These guys either prove that their is no sentient life at the upper management levels of Bank of America or have received the tip of the year from the federal government. BofA CEO Kenneth Lewis and several directors of the company bought 513,000 shares of common stock of the bank yesterday. Lewis bought 200,000 shares and […]

Now We Know Why Thain Was Smiling

Ken Lewis, the CEO of Bank of America, was named Banker of the Year by the American Banker in December. Today it was announced that the federal government was going to inject billions more into Bank of America to keep it alive. The ostensible reason for this bailout is that Bank of America was blindsided […]