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Dissecting The Texas Jobs “Miracle”

Before you start throwing darts at me, know that this isn’t a pro-Rick Perry post. I don’t know too much about the guy at this point and by and large what I do know hasn’t caused me to conclude that he’s the man. What this is about is a recommendation to read a post at […]

Lawyers, Artificial Intelligence And Creative Destruction

I’m a bit behind on my posting, so this is dated by a couple of days, but there are a couple of articles and an opinion piece by Paul Krugman that I highly recommend. The first is a piece that appeared in the NY Times. It’s a review of the threat that artificial intelligence poses […]

What Your Tax Dollars Are Accomplishing

Some interesting dots worth connecting. First, from the WSJ on GM’s contribution to employment: But GM is failing to do what President Obama perhaps needs most: Hire droves of U.S. workers. According to the automaker’s second quarter earnings release this morning, GM added only 2,000 employees to its North American workforce since the start of […]

Furloughs Forever

As if all the prognostications about a jobless recovery and permanently higher structural unemployment weren’t enough, along comes an observer who suggests that some of the nasty workplace innovations that came from this recession are here to stay. Writing in BusinessWeek Chris Farrell to suggest that furloughs, pay cuts and other “innovative” corporate solutions are […]

Some Views On The Jobs Report And The Recession

You didn’t have to look far today to find varying takes on the yesterday’s employment news. They varied from the jubilous to tempered caution to a review that explains away all of the positive data. The usually David Leonhardt writing in The New York Times used the report as a jumping off point to paint […]

Jobs Better, Retail Sales Still Weak

  The jobs report was a little better, retail sales not so good. Initial claims as reported by the NYT fell from 625,000 to 621,000 while the four-week moving average increased by 4,000 to 631,250. Continuing claims fell by 15,000 to 6.7 million. At least it isn’t getting worse. Retail sales for May are shaping […]

More On The Jobs The Administration Has “Saved”

Reuters is out with a report that the administration claims to have “created or saved 150,000 jobs” in the 100 days since the fiscal stimulus plan was signed. “In every state across this country, people are at work who would not have been so but for the measures in this act,” Jared Bernstein, chief economic […]