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Where To Look For A Job

An interesting graph from Mike Mandel. Of course, the fact that education and health care benefit substantially from federal funding has nothing to do with their growth.

Private Sector Job Growth Negative For The Last Ten Years

BusinessWeek’s economist, Michael Mandel, continues with his discussion of private sector job growth for the last ten years. The bad news? A month or so ago it was trending towards zero. Today it managed to get there. That’s right, for the past ten years we have lost more jobs in the private sector than were […]

The Vanishing Private Sector Job Market

These may well be the most depressing set of graphs that I have seen in a long time. They’re from Michael Mandel of Business Week. The first chart shows the historical growth in private sector jobs: Now look at job growth in the private and public sector over the past 10 years. Mandel takes it […]