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A Couple Of Economic Data Points

Jake at EconomPicData had a chart this morning that really caught my eye. Take a look at the growth in debt across all sectors since 1998. Now visualize the likely growth of the government components going forward. On another front, Japan’s industrial output fell 8.1% in November versus October. That’s the biggest one month decline on record.  […]

Disturbing Economic News From Asia

Continuing my meme that the biggest threats we now face are external, let me point you to a couple of items. As reported in the Telegraph, Japan has experienced two consecutive months of a trade deficit despite a considerable tailwind from falling oil prices. The shock data came as the Japanese Cabinet Office warned that the […]

The Right Way To Do QE

Just in case you were wondering how fast the Fed has expanded the monetary base, here’s a graph (click on it for a larger view) from FTAlphaville that pretty much puts it into perspective. The point of the article is that the U.S. has not only been much more agressive at the outset than was Japan […]

The Road To Economic Recovery?

You can bet that I am not going to be found in a camp opposing restraint on the part of the federal government when it comes to taming this recession. The authorities have one big, mean tiger by the tail and could well get mauled before this is over. I am, however, now and probably […]