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The Fallout From The Iranian Elections

You no doubt have heard approximately ten times as much analysis of the Iranian elections as you would like. So, I won’t bore you with any more. I don’t know enough about the internal politics of the country to do it anyway. But I do want to suggest a rather disquieting scenario that might ensue […]

Some Poignant Thoughts On The Future Of Israel

Off topic tonight but this article, essay had a profound effect on me today. The passion and sense of dispair it conveys is remarkable. It is written by Cliff Thier, whom I do not know, and is titled “Farewell To Zion. Forever.” Mr. Thier believes that the end of Israel as a Jewish nation is […]

Reminders Of Other Perils From The Mideast

Hamas and the Israelis have reminded us that there are more perils about than just financial ones. Israel increased the level of attacks on Hamas in the Gaza Strip and indicated that it is preparing for a long campaign. Hamas responded by firing rockets into Israel and threatening to reintroduce suicide bombings into Israeli society. […]