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ISM Around The World: Progress And Concern

Keeping in mind that monthly economic data is part science and part guesstimate, what did we learn from the global ISM data today? I’d offer that it’s a mixed bag with one particularly worrisome component. First, if you want to see the data for a lot of countries in tabular form go to the WSJ […]

How Strong A Recovery?

A graph you’ve no doubt seen before but still worth revisiting. It traces the ISM Index over the  past 60 years or so. A couple things pop out at me. One, historically, once the index starts moving up it tends to continue on that slope for a reasonable period of time. You don’t see moves […]

July ISM Shows Continuing Improvement

The July ISM numbers continued to show the manufacturing economy still in a state of contraction but just barely. The index rose to 48.9 in July from 46.2 in June. Any number below 50 indicates contraction. Within the numbers, new orders were up to 55.3 from 49.2, production came in at 57.9 versus 52.5 and […]

Economic Numbers – Manufacturing Looking Better, Housing Not So Much

Here’s a mixed bag of economic reports. They won’t have you doing handsprings. Per MarketWatch pending home sales were up 0.1% in May. That’s so small that is counts as nothing more than noise. At the same time, MarketWatch reports that mortgage applications for last week were down 18.9%. Applications for home purchases were off […]

Economic News: It Could Be Worse

Here’s a bit of economic news for you to digest while you wait for news of our salvation from London. The ISM reported that their March reading came in at 36.3, still in a contraction mode. But new orders rose to 41.2 from 33.1 in February. A reading of 50 indicates stability so we are […]