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Some Sunday Reading

Don’t expect a lot of IRS employees to lose their jobs. I previously predicted that no one at the IRS would (or could) be fired over the recent scandal and that the most noteworthy offenders would probably get punished with mandatory paid vacation. Those predictions seem to have been correct. Having gotten the easy ones right, I’d like to venture a […]

Some Off The Wall Thoughts About Benghazi And The IRS

Political scandals aren’t really up my alley, but the Benghazi and IRS affairs are too juicy to pass up completely. I will leave it to others much wiser than I to decide if what happened in Benghazi was of great import or just a bad case of bureaucratic bumbling – both before and after. What […]

Does Geithner Deserve A Pass?

There always seems to be one incoming President’s cabinet nominee that turns into a fiasco. For awhile it looked like President-elect Obama’s oops would be Bill Richardson. Now Timothy Geithner, the nominee for Treasury Secretary looks to be the one to take the prize. It seems Mr. Geithner, who as Treasury Secretary will have the IRS reporting to […]