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Interest Rates Torpedo Refinancings

All of this was supposed to be a thing of the past. You know, no mortgage brokers stringing their customers along while they waited for rates to get better and pad their bottom line, everyone getting exactly what they were promised a new, kinder and gentler mortgage market. Guess what. It didn’t happen. When rates […]

Is The Fed Losing The Interest Rate Battle?

I doubt that any of you have missed the news of the carnage in the bond markets. Yesterday the mortgage market took it on the chin and it spilled over to the market for Treasuries. There is some speculation that the Fed’s program of quantitative easing is in for a rough ride, if not in […]

Low Interest Rates Forever?

This article in the NYT is the sort of thing that I normally blow right past but, maybe because it’s a slow Saturday morning, I took a moment to glance through it. It about how to modify the “cash for clunkers” legislation to conform to the author’s vision of a just society.  I’m not particularly […]

Minneapolis Fed Has A Thougtful Take On Bank Lending

Wordsmithing is not one of the skills that one normally associates with Fed economists, so their announcement that the country is suffering from “credit vertigo” falls short in the snappy phrase category. Nonetheless, the study by the Minneapolis Fed does describe a credit market that is searching for its sea legs. The common assumption that […]

Another Idea To Goose Homebuying

Here we go again. When in doubt pump up the housing sector. Will these guys ever figure this out? The latest proposal is for the Treasury to buy a big bond from the Federal Home Loan Banks (see link for an interesting Business Week article on the risks they entail) at a below market interest rate […]

Two Big Events Tomorrow

One more thought before I wander off to the land of Nod. Two big things come down tomorrow. One is pretty much baked in the cake and the other will tell quite a tale. The first is the Fed’s interest rate target announcement. We all know rates are going down the question is by how […]