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Washington Cracks Down On Au Pairs

While we’re on the immigration bill let’s not forget the law of unintended consequences. The potential victims, or at least one of them, or at least one of the potential victims are au pairs. The new law changes their status, certainly for some good reason you and I cannot fathom. From the WSJ: The bipartisan […]

Just Some Musings On Immigration

I haven’t written much about the immigration reform effort not for a lack of interest, but rather because I found myself adrift with respect to which direction I thought it should take. Generally, I favor “solving” the issue of 11 million or so people who have entered this country illegally and work and live here. […]

Asians Bidding The West Adieu

I tend to think that we can learn immeasurably more about how our economy and society is changing just by watching the actions that people take in response to events then we can by reading thousands of learned opinion pieces or listening to the self-proclaimed elite. That’s why I found this article on Reuterseu so […]