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Two Views On Home Prices

Barry Ritholtz has a really good post which outlines the reasons that he doesn’t think house prices have come anywhere near a bottom. Here is his logic: • Prices: By just about every measure, Home prices on a national basis remain elevated. They are now far off their highs, but are still remain about ~15% above […]

Housing Price Reality Check

I came across this chart at Clusterstock this morning. I’ve published it before but that was a number of months ago. It is always worth taking a look at. The next time you hear a politician talking about the need to arrest the fall in housing prices, refer back to it. As it amply demonstrates, […]

Housing Price Predictions:Take Your Pick

The chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders forecasts that 2009 will mark the bottom of the current housing cycle. Speaking at the International Builders Show (I’ll bet that was a happy affair!), David Crowe said he expects starts to fall another 30% this year and sales to drop 14%. He expects the […]