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Some Rays Of Sunshine For Homebuilders

Last month I put up a post ¬†about the Phoenix housing market and what appeared to be some revival of “animal spirits”. I was pretty tempered in my enthusiasm even though the report from Arizona State University’s business school was on the bullish side. Their report for March (the previous report covered February) is out […]

Homebuilders Going Small

Is small beautiful? The homebuilders evidently think so as they’re cutting the size of their starter homes in an effort to compete with foreclosures. BusinessWeek has an article that features KB Home’s new Open Series which starts at 964 square feet. In Tucson the base model sells for $89,999. It downsizes hallways and bathrooms and […]

The Housing Storm May Not Be Over

I was all set to write an upbeat post about how a story in the WSJ was another indication that the housing market was slowly getting better when an article in the Arizona Republic stopped me dead in my tracks. Let me explain. First, the WSJ article reports that some homebuilders are starting to acquire […]

Rewriting The Homebuilding Handbook

There’s an interesting article in the Arizona Republic about Meritage Homes and its attempts to revamp its business model. Aside from being a relatively impressive retooling, the article and Meritage’s efforts probably represent a good model of what home building is likely to be all about for the next few years. It’s also a bit […]

Economists On New Home Construction

The WSJ Real Time Economics site is always a good place to visit when major economic date is released. Today, they have a good roundup of thoughts on the housing data. Here is one entry: The bright spot in this report is that there is now so little new homebuilding in the pipeline that the […]