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Should We Be Able To Buy Whatever Health Care We Can Afford?

I often find the debate over health care reform blindingly wonkish. It seems to be one of those policy debates in which both sides have good arguments as well as indefensible positions. They, therefore, tend to go to extremes in an effort to explain away the failures of their positions and trumpet the strong points […]

Backtracking On Health Care Savings

On May 10 I wrote a post about the alliance of health care associations that had pledged to cut the rate of increase in health care spending by 1.5% a year for a 10 year savings of $2 trillion. Aside from noting that it was mostly spin, I questioned how long this rather strange amalgamation […]

Here Comes Health Care “Reform”

A very slow news weekend but it picked up a bit with the announcement by the administration that a mix of health care participants have pledged to work towards reducing health care costs by up to $2 trillion over the next ten years. Actually, they suggest they will slow the rate of increase in the […]